3 Pizza Topping Choices When You Want To Try Something Different

Everyone's got their favorite pizza toppings and ingredients, but sometimes you want to change it up a bit, right? You don't have to constantly "be adventurous" and always get new varieties and combinations (that just defeats the point of going to get some pizza you like), but once in a while, a new topping can be a nice thing to have. With the huge number of options most pizzerias offer, deciding what to change can take time, but three of those options stand out. [Read More]

Watching The Game At A Bar: A Guide

If you are the kind of person who has always watched the big game at home or on a friend's couch, then heading to the local sports bar to catch the game may be an unfamiliar experience. Sports bars everywhere are set up for just this occasion. However, there are a few intricacies you'll want to be aware of for your first time. Sit in the bar area. If the purpose of your visit is to watch the big game, you definitely want to sit in the bar area. [Read More]

Italian Dishes That Do Well In Catering Situations

When you have a party catered, you need to think not only about which foods will taste good but also about which ones will hold up well in a catering situation. Usually, when food is catered, it sits for a while before it is served, and it also sits on display waiting for people to have seconds. Not every dish will be delicious after an hour in a warming tray, but the following are four Italian dishes that do tend to stand up well in catering situations. [Read More]

Renting A Room For Your Child's Birthday Party: Four Things To Know Before Booking

Renting a room for your child's party means you don't have to spend days cleaning the house beforehand or extra time cleaning up after. You can enjoy the day with your little one instead of stressing. When you rent a kid's birthday party room, there are some important questions you'll need to ask. Knowing the answers can help you determine just how much planning you'll need to do. Here are some key pieces of information you should know before you put a deposit down. [Read More]