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Pizza Delivery: It Can Be Even Better!

Ordering pizza delivery is one of those simple pleasures in life. It's so rewarding to have a pizza just come to your door for you to enjoy. If you want your pizza delivery experience to be one for the memory books, then you'll want to follow the tips below.

Order directly from the restaurant.

Over the past few years, third-party delivery apps have become really popular. They'll pick up and bring you food from almost any restaurant that participates with them, which tends to include pizza delivery restaurants. While you can have a good experience when ordering from these apps, ordering directly from the pizza delivery restaurant tends to be a better option. This way, you only have to communicate with one company: the pizza restaurant. If your pizza delivery ends up running late or you decide to change your order, you know who to call. You often get a better price when ordering directly from the restaurant, too. And delivery pizza is always a bit better when it costs you less.

Avoid toppings that are only good when crisp.

When pizza travels in a car for a while, it is sealed in a box. The steam stays inside the box, and it can make certain toppings soggy. Pizza boxes tend to have some holes in the top to let some steam escape, but they don't do a perfect job. So, don't order toppings that you will only enjoy if they stay crispy. Things like fried chicken fingers, for instance, may not stay crispy until they get to your home. If you choose more veggies as toppings, sogginess won't be such a concern.

Order extra.

This tip mostly applies when you're ordering pizza to be delivered for a group. You can't just order more like you could if you were sitting down at a restaurant table. So, you want to make sure you have enough pizza delivered from the get-go. The best way to ensure this is to order more than you really think you'll need. If you think you and your friends need one large and one medium pizza, for example, order two larges instead. Leftover pizza rarely goes to waste, after all.

Pizza delivery can be even better if you follow the tips above. Don't hesitate to hone your approach over time. Every time you order pizza, you'll learn something new.

To get started, contact a pizza delivery service in your area.