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Order These Burgers On Meatless Monday

In an effort to increase their consumption of vegetables, many families adhere to the idea of "Meatless Monday." This term is as it sounds — on Mondays, you strive to consume a diet that is devoid of meat. If you're a serious hamburger fan, you may feel as though a visit to your local burger establishment won't work on Meatless Monday. This isn't necessarily true, however. While you might not want to order a burger with a ground beef patty on this day of the week, many burger restaurants have alternatives that can suit your dietary restrictions. Here are some options that you may wish to try.

Portobello Mushroom Burger

A good choice for a burger if you're avoiding meat but have a big appetite is a burger that uses a portobello mushroom cap in the place of the patty. The thick, chewy texture of the mushroom can be satisfying, especially if you're not accustomed to burgers that are devoid of meat. Many burger restaurants have at least one specific portobello mushroom burger on their menu, while others give you the ability to substitute the portobello mushroom cap onto any burger instead of the conventional patty. At many eateries, you'll find that the cooks season the mushroom with pepper and garlic, which can help to give it a flavor that is similar to some beef patties.

Black Bean Burger

Another type of burger that you can confidently enjoy on Meatless Monday is a black bean burger. This is a burger in which black beans and other ingredients are formed into a patty that is the same size and shape as a conventional burger patty. There are a few things that you might favor about this option. Black beans are high in protein, so you'll feel full after consuming the burger. Additionally, black beans are a good source of fiber.

Vegetable Patty Burger

While portobello mushroom and black bean burgers are good options on Meatless Monday, another choice that you often have at burger eateries is a vegetable patty. Different establishments make their veggie patties in different ways, but you can often expect to find a variety of ingredients in a patty of this nature. Some veggie burgers are made of soy, while others have a combination of nuts and seeds; the latter style is a valuable source of fiber and protein. Regardless of which of these patties you choose, you can confidently enjoy a burger on Meatless Monday.

For more information, reach out to a local burger joint.