Put Nutrition Information on the Menu!

Ask Your Catering Service To Include Edible Flowers In One Of Your Dishes

When you meet with a local event catering service to collaboratively develop a menu for an event that you're running, you shouldn't shy away from making special requests. While the caterer will present you with all sorts of enticing menu options, you can make suggestions to give some of the dishes a custom touch. If you've recently learned about edible flowers or have even started to grow them in your own garden and incorporate them into your cooking, you might wish to discuss this topic with your caterer. Edible flowers such as nasturtiums can be a good addition to all sorts of dishes, including salads. Your caterer won't have a problem fulfilling this request, which can be ideal for the following reasons.

A Splash Of Color

The addition of some edible flowers to a salad or another type of dish can add an enticing splash of color. While various common salad ingredients can also add color, there's nothing quite like the vibrant look of edible flowers, which you can find in hues such as orange, purple, blue, and more. These colors will especially be noticeable when your caterer adds the flowers with care. For example, instead of mixing them into the salad, the caterer might sprinkle a few flowers on top of the salad so that these colors stand out.

A Source Of Nutrition

While their visual impact might be the best thing about incorporating edible flowers into your catered meal, another benefit is the nutritional value that they can provide. If you're making an effort to choose menu items that are as healthy as possible for your gathered guests, edible flowers can be a good choice in this regard. A lot of edible flowers are rich in minerals and also provide antioxidants, which will help to boost the nutritional value of the salad or whatever other dish the caterer uses them in.

A Special Addition

There's no denying that edible flowers can be a unique and special addition to your catered menu. This is something that many people will comment on and remember long after the event. Edible flowers can especially be special if you and your caterer choose specific types. For example, if you're having a baby shower in which the main color for your decorations is blue, the caterer can use blue edible flowers in one or more dishes.

Contact your local event caterer to discuss edible flowers and other topics.