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How To Keep Keto At A Sandwich Shop

You may assume sandwich shops are the most difficult type of fast food to order keto-friendly options from, but they are often one of the easier choices. Because sandwich shops have many choices for meats, cheeses, and vegetables and are used to building sandwiches and salads according to customer desires, you can usually get tasty keto options from them. Below are some tips for keeping keto at sandwich shops. 

Order Salads, Wraps, and Roll-ups 

Most sandwich shops offer several salads or allow you to order a sandwich as a salad. These are an easy way to skip the bread and plenty of meat and cheese can be both filling and delicious.

Another option is to order a lettuce wrap instead of a pita or tortilla wrap. Also, keep in mind that many shops now offer low-carb bread options to fit keto diets. While this will use up some of your daily carbs, it should still keep you in ketosis. 

Finally, some shops offer roll-ups. These are vegetables rolled up in various cold cuts and cheeses. Roll-ups are a great option for parties, as they make good finger food. However, you may also be able to order a personal platter for lunch or dinner. 

Know Which Vegetables and Meats to Avoid 

Not all vegetables and meat are keto-friendly. When going into a sandwich shop, where there are many options, it is important to know which ones you should avoid. Some common vegetables to avoid at sandwich shops are sweet potatoes, corn, artichokes, and parsnips. 

It is always a good idea to stick with less-processed meat while on keto. Great options can be fish and chicken, which may be available on salads. You will want to avoid meats processed with sugar such as maple bacon and some cold cuts. 

If you are unsure of keto restrictions, consider installing a keto-friendly app on your phone before going out to eat. 

Limit Dressings and Sauces

Many sandwich and salad dressings have sugar in them, which can quickly put you over your daily carb count. It's a good idea to ask for dressing on the side and opt for high-fat dressings such as oil and vinegar or ranch as opposed to high-sugar sauces such as barbecue or some mustards. Similarly, you should be aware that many sauces used to simmer meats have extra sugar, so be careful when ordering pulled pork, pulled chicken, or meatballs, even without bread. 

Going keto does not mean you have to limit your dining experiences. You can still go out to eat with friends or order in, as long as you know what to order. For additional help, reach out to a local sandwich shop.