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Different Ways Restaurants Serve Beef Burgers

Some people mistakenly believe that burger restaurants are all the same. How different can two beef burgers be? However, there are unlimited ways to prepare beef burgers, and each method is uniquely delicious. 

Here are a few of the different ways restaurants serve their beef burgers:

Frozen or Fresh

Many restaurants aim to cook and serve their burgers quickly and opt for frozen patties over fresh ones. It allows them to keep large numbers of beef patties in their freezer, giving them a longer shelf life, and they can quickly throw them on the grill and have them served fast to accommodate lots of customers in a short period. Other restaurants choose quality over speed and convenience and make their patties from fresh beef, which some argue leads to a better-tasting burger. 

Different Cooking Methods

There are lots of ways to cook beef burger patties. You can grill them on a flat top or over an open flame, fry them, steam them, etc. The method used to cook a beef pattie greatly affects its overall taste.  

Different Thicknesses

There are many varieties of thickness when it comes to beef patties. Some establishments like to make their burgers with thick, juicy patties. Other places use really thin beef patties, so they can create a crispy crust on their exterior and cook them very quickly.   

Single or Multiple Patties

When you go to a burger restaurant, you will usually see options for burgers with only one beef patty and others with multiple. The number of patties used significantly affects a burger's taste, juiciness, and beef-to-bun ratio. Using multiple patties creates more surface area, allowing the chef to experiment with different toppings, patty sizes, etc., to make some great tastes you won't get with a single-patty burger.


You can make beef burgers with lots of different toppings, including vegetables, sauces, cheeses, other meats, etc. By choosing the right combination of toppings, a restaurant can create delicious, unique burgers you can't find anywhere else. Some places will have several toppings arranged buffet style, and you can put whatever you'd like on your burger to customize it to your liking. 

Using Different Bread

When you think about a beef burger, you probably picture a traditional bun, perhaps one topped with sesame seeds. However, some restaurants make things interesting by using special doughs to make their buns, giving them unique flavor profiles. It's also common for sliced bread to be used instead of a bun, and it can be toasted, made into a burger melt, etc. 

For more information, visit a local beef burger restaurant