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Eating Out Along The Beach: 4 Tips For Deliciousness

When you're vacationing on the beach, few things are as enjoyable as a nice meal on the waterfront. Yet, dining on the beach comes with a few intricacies that you might not have thought of, particularly if this is your first time at a waterfront restaurant. To ensure your beach dining experience is a dream and not a nightmare, follow these tips for deliciousness and beyond.

1. Know the Vibe

Most beachfront restaurants have some sort of theme. A restaurant may be pirate-themed, or they may play up on the classy yacht club atmosphere. First-time waterfront diners often assume all restaurants of this type are casual, but that might not be the case, depending on the theme. Look into a restaurant before you dine to make sure you know what you're getting into and what type of attire to wear. Bathing suites, cover-ups, and sandals may be okay at some locations, but there are waterfront restaurants where the expected attire is a little dressier.

2. Check the Weather

Most waterfront restaurants have large patios, and they depend on those patios to seat a lot of their guests. Yes, they might have a small indoor dining space, but if the weather is bad, that dining space can fill up quickly and the wait will get long. Thus, before you go dine at a waterfront restaurant, it pays to check the weather. If it will be too rainy or cold, reschedule.

3. Expect Seafood

With very few exceptions, restaurants on the waterfront tend to serve seafood. Most have a couple of other dishes for non-seafood diners, but don't expect a list of 10 burgers and steaks. If you are less familiar with seafood, this might be the perfect opportunity to try it. After all, you can't get it much fresher, and fresh seafood is best.

4. Don't Worry About Lingering

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you felt rushed along? Chances are, you won't be rushed at a waterfront restaurant. At these restaurants, you are paying for the view and the experience, along with the food. Plus, moving at a relaxed pace is just a part of that beachy vibe! Plan on this being a longer dinner with more time between courses, and expect to be given plenty of time to chat.

There's nothing quite like dining right on the water. Follow the tips above, and you'll have a lovely meal against the surf and the sun.