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3 Pizza Topping Choices When You Want To Try Something Different

Everyone's got their favorite pizza toppings and ingredients, but sometimes you want to change it up a bit, right? You don't have to constantly "be adventurous" and always get new varieties and combinations (that just defeats the point of going to get some pizza you like), but once in a while, a new topping can be a nice thing to have. With the huge number of options most pizzerias offer, deciding what to change can take time, but three of those options stand out.

Choosing Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables on pizza aren't a strange or new choice in general -- primavera, spring greens, veggie, and other variations are tried and true favorites of many. But if you're not used to getting more than tomatoes on your pizza, you definitely need to try more vegetable toppings. The roasting they get when the pizza is cooked makes them mellower, softer, and sweeter than they are in their raw forms. Red onions offer a subtle bite that doesn't overwhelm the rest of the pizza, and even chopped broccoli seems to melt into the cheese. Remember you can always get a half and half pizza, with one half a favorite of yours and the other with the test vegetable.

Red or White Sauce

This choice is right up there with choosing pan or thin crust, and it may even be as controversial for some as choosing to add pineapple to pizza. The sauce, while not really a topping, can be a subject for experimentation. You've got your tomato-based red sauce, with garlic and spices, and your cream-based white sauce, with garlic, dill, and other flavorings including lemon (white sauce itself can vary in terms of ingredients). This is something where you may want to limit the size of the pizza you get to a personal serving -- you can remove vegetables and other toppings you don't like, but it's harder to remove sauce if you don't like your choice.

Leftover Plans

If you're brave enough, try toppings with their leftover capacity in mind. If you like things like cold pizza for breakfast, you could choose new toppings that you think might work well the next day. For example, red onions on pizza retain their mellower flavor from being roasted but get back a bit of crunch after cooling down in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Being able to customize your pizza offers you some great opportunities to try new toppings and sauces. When you decide you want to try something a little different, a customized pizza is one of the easiest ways to satisfy that craving.