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Watching The Game At A Bar: A Guide

If you are the kind of person who has always watched the big game at home or on a friend's couch, then heading to the local sports bar to catch the game may be an unfamiliar experience. Sports bars everywhere are set up for just this occasion. However, there are a few intricacies you'll want to be aware of for your first time.

Sit in the bar area.

If the purpose of your visit is to watch the big game, you definitely want to sit in the bar area. (Some sports bars are set up with a casual restaurant on one side or in one part of the building and a bar in the other.) The restaurant seating is typically for quieter groups and families who are more there to dine than to watch the game. You may not be able to see the TV well, and you can't be as rowdy when you cheer! There are typically tall, counter-height tables at a sports bar, which you can sit at if you don't want to sit at the actual bar.

Take advantage of the specials.

Most sports bars will offer some sort of special during big games. They might have $2 domestic beers or $5 appetizers. Since the kitchen (or bartender) will be cranking out a lot of these specials, they'll be fresh, so it's a good idea to take advantage of them. Plus, if you are there for three or more hours watching the game, your tab can climb quickly if you don't take advantage of deals.

Make friends.

One of the best parts about watching the game in a sports bar is that everyone there shares your passion for the game. See who is cheering for the same team you are and chat with them. This is a great opportunity to make friends, even if you only remain friends for the duration of the game. If you visit the same bar for future games, you'll probably come across and get to know a lot of the same people.

Be considerate.

Sports bars expect their patrons to get a little loud and rowdy during the game. Cheer without worry, eat with your fingers, and don't put your napkin on your lap. But do remember that you are in a restaurant, not a living room. Someone has to clean up the mess you leave behind, so don't make too much of one!