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Renting A Room For Your Child's Birthday Party: Four Things To Know Before Booking

Renting a room for your child's party means you don't have to spend days cleaning the house beforehand or extra time cleaning up after. You can enjoy the day with your little one instead of stressing. When you rent a kid's birthday party room, there are some important questions you'll need to ask. Knowing the answers can help you determine just how much planning you'll need to do. Here are some key pieces of information you should know before you put a deposit down.

Food Offerings

Some birthday party venues offer full meals plus dessert, while others offer light snacks and a cake. In some cases, you may find that you are only renting the room, which means you'll need to provide all refreshments for the party. Ask what is included, and if there is a menu, ask about different pricing packages. You can choose to serve just drinks and cake, which is a great option for a late-afternoon party. For a lunchtime party, it's a good idea to supply party guests with a full meal.

Setup And Cleanup

Knowing about setup is important, as it can better help you plan for the big day. Some venues will set up tables and chairs, leaving the decorations up to you. A full-service venue, on the other hand, can take care of everything, including balloons, plates, cups, and even goody bags. When you ask about setup, be sure to ask about cleanup as well. If you are responsible for cleaning after the party, you'll want to know this in advance.

Charges For No-Shows

Sometimes kids simply can't make it to the party. Whether they are sick or their parents have an unexpected event come up, there may be a few children who are unable to attend. Some party venues are very understanding about this and will only charge you for a minimum number of kids. Ask when you need to have the final head count turned in and how many people you must pay for in the event of a no-show. It's usually best to plan on paying for the whole group no matter what. Refunds for no-shows can then be a happy surprise.

Liability Waiver Requirements

For park districts, bouncy house establishments, and other activity-based party venues, a signed waiver may be required for children to attend. This frees the venue of certain liabilities should an accident take place. Be sure to ask about waivers before you sign up, and get plenty of copies for all the guests. You'll want to make sure every child has a signed waiver before coming into the venue. Consider keeping a few blank copies near the entrance so you can have parents who might have forgotten sign as they walk in.