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Five Tips For Using Your Milkshake Machine To Its True Potential

If you are a restaurant owner, buying a new milkshake machine is a great way to shake up your menu and give your guests something new to try. After all, who doesn't enjoy a milkshake after their meal? To use your milkshake machine to its full potential, however, you will want to follow these tips.

1. Experiment with your milk and ice cream proportions.

Most people don't want an overly runny milkshake, and one that is too thick needs to be eaten with a spoon. Before you start serving milkshakes, experiment with your proportions a little to see exactly how much ice cream and milk you need for each size. Write down these proportions so your staff always makes the milkshakes the same. You want the customers to know your milkshakes are consistent! 

2. Offer the option of an extra thick shake.

Once you figure out how much ice cream and milk you need for a nice, medium-consistency milkshake, try adding an extra scoop of ice cream to make an extra thick shake. Include this on the menu for customers who like their shakes thicker. You can charge an extra dollar to make up for the cost of the extra ice cream.

3. Clean the wands between uses.

Milkshake machines surely make it easy to make a milkshake, but the wands you immerse in the glass can accumulate ice cream and become a source of food borne illness if you do not clean them carefully. Immerse the wand in clean water after every use -- even if you think you're going to make another milkshake soon. Make sure your staff knows to follow this protocol. Clean the wands thoroughly every couple of hours.

4. Provide stir-in options.

A way to make your milkshakes stand out is to add stir-ins, rather than just serving plain chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Some good stir-ins include Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, sprinkles, peanut butter cups, and cookie crumbs. You can give the option of topping the milkshake with whipped cream, too. Charge 50 cents or a dollar per add-on.

5. Name your shakes.

You want to be famous for your milkshakes, right? Then they need a good name. You could call them Sticky Shakes, Monster Milkshakes, or whatever other name suits your fancy. Advertise them by their name on the menu and on signage in your restaurant.

With the tips above, you will get the most out of your milkshake machine! And so will your guests.