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Three Reasons To Have A Smoker Going Behind Your Pizza Restaurant

If there's one smell that can compel people in the area to flock to a restaurant, it's the smell of smoke. Barbecue restaurants are often popular because of the smells that waft from the smokers that they have on the premises, but you can adopt this idea even if you don't specialize in barbecued fare. If you run a pizza restaurant, you might already be busy, but it never hurts to look for additional ways of drawing more clientele through your doors. Setting up a smoker behind your restaurant may prompt more people to visit, but this isn't just a gimmick. There are many reasons that you can take this approach.

Smoked Pizza Toppings

Pepperoni, bacon, and sausage might be common meats that people enjoy as pizza toppings, but there are a number of other toppings that you can include when you operate a smoker on your premises. For example, pulled pork is a popular pizza topping for many people. Instead of buying your pulled pork already prepared, or cooking a pork roast in your oven and adding liquid smoke, you can actually smoke it yourself, before shredding it and offering it on select pizzas. The same goes for smoked chicken and smoked sausages, which are two additional meats that can work well on pizza when they're smoked.

Smoked Sides

When customers visit a pizza restaurant, they often want more than just pizzas. Many people enjoy complementing their pies with side dishes. A common side dish is chicken wings, which you may sell. While there's nothing wrong with frying your wings, having a smoker allows you to explore smoking them. Wings prepared in this manner are healthier, given that you aren't dousing them in oil, and the dry rubs and sauces that you can use, which will complement the natural smoky flavor, can be highly appealing to your patrons.

Smoked Pizzas

Some pizza establishments have smoked pizzas on the menu, and while this approach to cooking a pie isn't exactly universal, it can definitely be enticing to some of your clientele. You'll need a large smoker or a series of smokers if you plan to offer smoked pizzas, given the amount of space that they take up, but doing so can be a good investment for creating a buzz in the community about your pizza restaurant. The gentle smokiness of preparing a pizza in this manner creates a unique flavor and offers a fun twist on a traditional cooking approach.

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