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Pizza At Your Wedding Reception? 3 Reasons Why It's A Great Idea

There are a lot of things that you might connect with the idea of eating pizza. It might be your comfort food, or it might be a favorite choice for enjoying while you watch a big sporting event with friends. It can even make a great meal for a date. But if you're planning a wedding reception, pizza probably isn't on your radar. Maybe it should be, though. Take a look at a few reasons why pizza really is a great idea for a wedding reception meal:

It's Easy to Customize

You want everyone to enjoy the food at your wedding reception, and that means that you have to take everyone's preferences and allergies into account. This can be harder than it seems. If you have vegetarian friends, vegan friends, and friends who avoid gluten or lactose, it can be tough to come up with a menu that accommodates everyone.

But pizza is easily customizable. A vegetarian pizza is easy – just leave off the meat toppings. For vegan pizza, leave off the cheese (this works for your lactose-intolerant friends as well) and ask the pizza restaurant to make your crust without honey or dairy. Gluten-free pizza dough is becoming commonplace in many areas, so you can include a few of those in your order as well. You can substitute white sauce for tomato sauce for those who aren't fond of tomatoes. One of the reasons that most people love pizza is that it's so easy to make a pizza tailored to specific tastes.

You Can Dress It Up

Pizza can be a casual food, but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of gourmet pizza topping combinations that can give your reception that elegant catered flair that you're looking for. Try ricotta and honey, fig and blue cheese, or roasted corn with goat cheese and pancetta.

Presentation matters as well. Even pizza with standard toppings like pepperonis, tomatoes, spinach, and sausage can look striking and colorful on your buffet table if they're artfully prepared. Or try having the pizza cut into cute mini-slices for a dainty appetizer.

It's Affordable

Weddings are expensive, and you have to figure out how to prioritize the money you have in your budget. Opting to serve pizza can allow you to spend less and get more.

You can get top-notch artisanal pizzas made with fresh ingredients for far less than you could get a four-course gourmet meal for a large crowd, and still have money left for some sides – and of course, the wedding cake. But because pizza is a food that easily makes a meal all by itself, your guests will leave feeling full and satisfied.

If you're looking for a delicious, affordable, and versatile wedding reception buffet, give a local pizza restaurant a chance to impress you. You may be surprised by how well pizza fits your wedding reception menu needs. 

Contact a company that can make take-out pizza menus for more information and assistance.