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Ideas For Your First Online Date

When you meet someone on the Internet and you decide that it is time for both of you to take things to real life, you want to make sure you set up a convenient first meeting that won't put too much pressure on either of you. Also, both of you should be concerned about safety, since you will really be meeting the person for the first time and up until that point you have only been taking them at their word about who they are. In fact, many people have found out that they have been 'catfished' when they end up meeting someone who looks completely different than the pictures they posted and in some cases, are even a completely different gender than what they claimed to be the whole time online. Here are some ways to have a casual, fun, inexpensive and safe first meeting:

Meet at a coffee shop

If you want to meet the other person, but you're still a bit leery and you really aren't sure whether or not there is going to be chemistry, then you may want that first meeting to be very short and sweet. You can drink a quick cup of coffee and then be on your way if it just isn't there, or you can have a coffee and then decide to enjoy a pastry together. You can string the date out even longer if you find that it is going really well. Also, meeting in public like this helps ensure your safety since there will be others around you.

Meet at a public park during the daytime for a walk

If you have a nice park somewhere between the two of you, then you can meet there for a walk if the two of you tend to be active people. You can go for a short walk and end it there, or you can extend the walk as long as you feel like. You can learn a lot about each other when it's just the two of you out in nature, but since others will be at the park during the daytime, it will also be a safer setting. However, you do want to make sure you don't veer off onto secluded hiking trails since you don't really know the person yet.

Meet for lunch at a local sandwich shop

Another great idea is to meet up at a local sandwich shop so the two of you can get to know each other over a casual lunch. Again, this provides you with a public place. Also, since you will be going out for sandwiches it will be an easy-going and inexpensive get-together. 

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