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3 Questions To Ask When Reserving Event Space For A Small Gathering

When booking an event space for a big gathering, one of the first questions people ask is whether there will be enough room for all their invited guests. Booking a venue for a small gathering presents different challenges. Rather than finding a place large enough, you need to find one that will accommodate a smaller, more intimate one. If you're looking for a place to hold a small gathering, here are some questions that will help you select an event space that'll be perfect for your group.

Will There Be Another Event on the Property?

If your guests won't be large enough to fill a private party venue's space, some venues will rent out the remaining space to another group. They normally won't rent out the same room, but they may offer another room to another group. Additionally, they might use the same staff to serve both groups if food and beverages are being provided by the venue.

You'll want to find out who else will be at an even space when you're event is taking place. If another group is using part of the property, you can still hold your event. Ask, however, what the other group is and what activities they have planned. You'll want to make sure the two groups don't interfere with each other's event. For example, you may not want to host a small company gathering next to a rowdy high school prom.

Is There a Minimum Charge for Using the Facility?

Some private party venues charge a flat fee for using their event space, and others have a per-person cost structure. If the venue your event is at charges a flat fee, then there's little concern about a minimum charge.

Should, however, a venue has a per-person charge, find out whether there's also a minimum fee. If there is a minimum fee, you may end up paying that rather than the per-person charge because you don't have too many guests. Unless the per-person cost meets or exceeds the minimum fee, you'll need to be prepared to pay the minimum.

Will the Venue's Facilities Be Fully Open?

If you only have a few guests, a private party venue may close off part of their facilities in order to reduce their staffing costs for your event. This isn't necessarily bad, as it lets a venue keep its fees down. It may impact what facilities your guests can use during your event, though.

Find out whether any part of a venue's facilities will be closed to reduce staffing. If it will, work with the venue's representative to find a solution that provides the best combination of cost savings and available facilities for your event.

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