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Smart Ways To Increase The Revenue Of Your Pizzeria

If you are the owner of a pizza restaurant, then you're aware that your success depends on your ability to exceed your customers' expectations. This involves not only offering excellent food, but providing top-notch customer service, as well. If you are looking for ways to further improve your business and increase your revenue, then here are some changes that you might want to consider making:

Meet the needs of customers with allergies

Pizza is a food enjoyed by numerous people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, not everyone can safely eat pizza, and this is often due to allergies and food sensitivities. Of course you can't cater to every single special diet that a customer might have, but you can offer pizzas that can meet the needs of some of the most common food allergies. Here are some specialty pizzas that you might want to consider developing and adding to your menu:

Paleo choices - The Paleo eating plan is becoming increasing popular as a way to induce weight loss as well as improve health. Since the diet requires the avoidance of all grains, sugar, dairy and other common food groups, a regular pizza is not on the menu. However, by making crust out of alternative flours like almonds and cashews, as well as developing a tasty cheese substitute, you could potentially attract a substantial amount of additional customers.

Gluten-free choices - Many people avoid gluten due to allergies, celiac disease, or sensitivities. While Paleo cuisine is also gluten-free, a gluten-free diet isn't quite as strict as a Paleo one. This opens up the possibilities when it comes to making crust and cheese that can make any gluten-free pizza taste equivalent to traditional choices. Rice, bean and corn flour combinations make great wheat crust substitutes. You can experiment with different recipes until you create a pizza that customers won't believe is gluten-free. 

Improved ways to order

With many pizza restaurants enabling customers to place orders via the internet and their mobile devices, the level of convenience has increased. However, you can make even further improvements in this area by providing customers with the option to order pizza by Facebook or even a tablet kiosk. This would prevent customers from being required to stand in potentially long lines, increasing the chances that their needs will be exceeded. 

Surpassing your customers' needs isn't difficult as long as you're willing to take a careful analysis of your target customers. Once you've identified your target customers, you can then make some improvements that will attract more customers than you ever thought possible. As long as your food is tasty, then you will also get to enjoy loyal customers, as well the amount of revenue that you desire to bring in. 

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